Wave of Success: Sound School's Remarkable Performance at Ocean Science Bowl

February 2024

After a five-year hiatus, the National Ocean Science Bowl Regional Competition returned to in-person excitement at UCONN Avery Point, with Sound School’s EJP and its adopted students making waves. Sound’s three teams surged past the morning sessions into the afternoon eliminations, showcasing their knowledge and team spirit. In a dramatic quarterfinal, Sound’s Team 2 overcame Team 3 in a friendly in-house rivalry.

The highlight came when Team 2, captained by Sebastian Bianchine and featuring Tamzin Maines, Jayne Bergeron, Dan Lopez, and Vince FitzGerald, clinched a last-second victory against the top-seeded EO Smith in the semifinals. The day ended with Team 1, led by Britney Xochipiltecatl, in 6th place, Team 3, with captain Ethan Reynolds, in 5th, and the spirited Team 2 as the proud Regional Runner-up.

With most of the team returning next year, including the entirety of the runner-up team, Sound School is already setting its sights on future triumphs and deeper explorations into ocean sciences.

Sky High Learning: Obama Students Navigate Coding and Collaboration Through Drones

December 2023

Barack Obama Magnet University School is on the ascent with a novel coding program using drones. Guided by STEM teacher, Jason Ward, students from kindergarten onward are taking weekly hands-on classes to explore and solve STEM-related problems, with the older students even learning to navigate drones through obstacle courses..

The program extends beyond the classroom, with after-school sessions where students delve deeper into the technical aspects of drone operation and maintenance. By dragging and dropping command blocks, they learn the intricacies of guiding characters through digital mazes, uncovering the right sequence to reach rewards. This blend of practical drone coding and theoretical problem-solving exemplifies our innovative educational approach, preparing students not just to navigate the complexities of technology, but to thrive as future innovators and problem solvers in the STEM world.


NHPS Educators Honored as Pioneering SAMbassadors In STEAM Education

December 2023

We are thrilled to share that three of our distinguished teachers have been inducted into the esteemed SAMbassador Program by SAM Labs. This initiative celebrates educators who are passionately committed to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education, offering them a platform to join a like-minded community. As SAMbassadors, Stephanie White, Kimberly Stewart, and Sarah Clarke are at the forefront of a global network, where they exchange pioneering ideas and lead the advancement of STEAM learning.

We commend the dedication and enthusiasm of all our SAM Labs educators and look forward to their continued contributions to STEAM education. Their work is a testament to the vibrant and forward-thinking spirit that thrives in our district.

Join us in congratulating our first cohort of SAMbassadors and watch Stephanie White’s moving panel discussion in the webinar recording linked below. 


Charting Future Paths: New Haven's STEM Symposium Sparks Career Inspiration

November 2023

A group of Hillhouse High School students recently attended a STEM symposium at Southern Connecticut State University, an event dedicated to sparking interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers. Among these bright young minds was Rhieanna Rubertone, who expressed her fascination with the interconnectedness of scientific principles.

The symposium provided a platform for students to interact with professionals, offering a rare glimpse into the real-world applications and significance of women in STEM fields.

We celebrate Rhieanna's curiosity and eloquence, proudly showcased during her interview with News Channel 8, which highlighted the event's success in bridging the gap between students' academic interests and professional STEM pathways. Her insights echo our district's dedication to nurturing a deep, intuitive understanding of STEM disciplines among all our students.


Partners In Progress: Quinnipiac Steps Up To Alleviate Teacher Shortage 

November 2023

In a recent interview, Bob McCain, Science Supervisor, discussed an innovative partnership poised to address the pressing science teacher shortage in New Haven. Quinnipiac University students are stepping into the classroom, serving as substitute teachers to ensure that our students' education continues seamlessly. This collaborative effort not only provides invaluable real-world teaching experience for these aspiring educators but also sustains our commitment to delivering quality science education to every student. It's a win-win: our classrooms remain vibrant centers of learning and inquiry, while the next generation of science teachers is nurtured right here in our community.


AI Frontiers: Hill House Introduces Humanoid Robots To The Classroom

November 2023

The future of technology education takes a giant leap at Hill House High School with the introduction of a cutting-edge AI course featuring NAO robots, led by innovative teacher, Peter Greco. These humanoid machines are the newest members of our educational community, providing students with an interactive platform to explore the complexities of artificial intelligence. 

The course is designed to offer hands-on learning experiences, where students can program and engage with the robots, learning the principles of AI, coding, and robotics. This program not only equips our students with the skills needed for the tech-driven future but also inspires them to become innovators in the burgeoning field of AI.

Classroom Video

Footprints of Innovation: Inside Our Science and STEM Learning Walks

November 2023

Venture with us on the trail of discovery through our Science and STEM Learning Walks, a series of immersive walkthroughs spearheaded by our Science Department. These walks are a cornerstone of our commitment to educational excellence, offering a glimpse into the dynamic world of scientific inquiry and technology-based learning. 

As we traverse classrooms and labs, we witness firsthand the fusion of theory and practice, the spark of student engagement, and the dedication of our educators. These learning walks are not just assessments; they are a celebration of knowledge, an exchange of ideas, and a step toward shaping a future brimming with scientific understanding and innovation.

NHPS Community Celebrates Esteemed STEM Educator's National Honor

October 2023

We are thrilled to announce a prestigious accolade within our school community. Alyssa Basso, a dedicated STEM educator at John S. Martinez School, has been awarded the esteemed Milken Educator Award. This national distinction was presented at a special school assembly, signifying Ms. Basso's exceptional dedication and her role as a beacon of excellence in education. Her unwavering commitment to the students she serves has been rightfully acknowledged with this honor. Joining her in celebration were fellow New Haven educators, previous Milken awardees, who are testament to the excellence in education that thrives in our community. This recognition is not only a personal milestone for Ms. Basso but also a moment of pride for all of us in the NHPS Community.

News Article

Video Announcement

STEM Surprise: Teachers Receive Innovative Resources

October 2023

In a heartwarming nod to the aspirations of our STEM educators, 'STEM Surprise' is more than just an unexpected gift—it's a tailored dream come true. The surprise materials arriving in our teachers' hands are those they've long hoped for, meticulously chosen from their wishlists to directly support the creation of our transformative  K-8 STEM curriculum. This initiative was made possible through the collaborative funding efforts of multiple departments and Dr. Andrea Gomez, District STEM Coach, at the helm of this endeavor.

These resources, ranging from the simplest tools to the most sophisticated equipment, are set to enrich the educational tapestry of our young scientists and engineers. This initiative not only equips our educators with the means to elevate learning but also encapsulates our commitment to cultivating a future where every student has the foundation to excel in the ever-evolving world of STEM.

Empowering Educators: Elevating Middle School Science With New Resources

September 2023

Our District Middle School Science Coach, Heather Toothaker, exemplifies dedication to educational excellence. Her efforts to equip middle school science teachers with the necessary tools for the new Middle School Smithsonian program have been nothing short of extraordinary. Understanding the importance of hands-on learning, she has recently facilitated the purchase of brand-new microscopes and cabinets, ensuring that our educators are well-prepared to deliver an immersive and interactive learning experience. 

Her actions speak volumes of her commitment to not just meeting, but exceeding the needs of our teachers and students, fostering a learning environment where curiosity meets the cutting edge of science education.