NHPS High School Science courses provide student-focused, scientific experiences that include hands-on laboratory investigations, problem-solving, and the application of critical thinking skills. It is our goal to ensure that all students graduate college and/or career-ready by creating a student-centered learning environment in a collaborative culture. 

Our Science electives are available at various NHPS High Schools. Students are required to take 3 courses. Physics is suggested as the preferred elective for students going on to other science careers (including nursing, etc.). Please click on a High School to view their Science Electives/Course Offerings.

In addition to our electives, the Science Department is in the process of developing unique content-based pathways for middle and high school students. 

Manufacturing New Haven Pathway

Health Career Academy Pathway

Students pursuing the BioScience Pathway will focus their study on the application of engineering and technology within the fields of biology and medicine. Within the BioScience Pathway, students will explore cellular and biomolecular processes and how these processes can be used in technologies that impact our lives.

List of Courses: 9-12 including ECE/AP

Diploma Stamp

Cord for Graduation

College Connection