Kit Refurbishments

The Science Department has all the refurbishment kits, as needed.  To facilitate this, we've prepared a Google Form for you to indicate the number of science kit refurbishments you will need for your Module 4 science kits.

*Each teacher should know if they will need a refurbishment kit for each module. If you did not use the materials last year due to limited time, then you should not request a refurbishment. *

Before you fill out the form, please take note of the following important steps:

Consult with Your Grade Level Team: Please discuss with your grade level team members to ensure that you have an accurate quantity. This will help in avoiding duplication and will ensure that every class gets the resources they need.

Refurb Pickup: Similar to Q3 Refurbs, we will be scheduling times during the week of April 22 for refurb pickup.  The Refurb pickup schedule will be sent out on Friday, April 12.

Please ensure that you complete the form by Friday, April 12. We want to make sure that the kits are refurbished and ready for use as soon as possible. 

In addition, please reference the Pacing Guide to make sure you select the correct kit.